Welcome to the 2.018 ePharma Annual Report

No matter how much technology and artificial intelligence advance, companies are and will continue to be made by people. And people inspired by a sense of purpose carry out strategies with greater efficiency and commitment. Because they identify with our beliefs.

Our purpose is to provide access to healthcare for a better life.

We believe that there is no growth without development, no innovation without integration, and no performance without progress.

And we say that in the year our company had the best results in its history.

“We innovate to integrate. We integrate for people to live better.”

Message from the CEO

ePharma believes that the solution for increasing access to healthcare in Brazil lies in INTEGRATION of all players of the “network” that promotes health. This integration takes place through technology. And all technological advances begin with innovations.

However, for ePharma, to integrate does not mean only to search for technological innovations. We integrate TECHNOLOGY with HUMAN VALUES, such as ATTENTION, AFFECTION, CARE, ETHICS and TRANSPARENCY. Attributes that have nothing to do with innovation, but that are in such short supply today. That is our great competitive advantage: We innovate to integrate. And we integrate to provide more and increasingly better care!

We invite you to learn about the results of this integration of technology with human values and performance with progress.

Thank you,

Luiz Carlos Silveira Monteiro

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

We use the letter “&” in this report due to its symbolism and connotations.
Originally, the & represents the Latin conjunction et, combining the drawing of the two letters in one sign in order to increase writing speed.

Nothing could be more characteristic: More than just bringing together seemingly contradictory concepts, the “&,” by itself, represents integration and speed, and history and modernity, as well as the association of ideas and people. Like our history.