We are a company conceived by health professionals. For us, caring for clients is like proposing a treatment: it is important to know how to listen, analyze, diagnose and prescribe viable and sustainable solutions.

And this is not just figurative.

Our Values

Trusting relationships, based on ethics and transparency.

Respect for life and health.

Innovation and excellence in performance.

Proud to be ePharma.

Our Guidelines



sustainability and


Our Purpose

Providing access to healthcare for a better life.

Our Purpose

Providing access to healthcare for a better life.

Our customer-centric culture is defined by 5 essential competencies:

Business Analytics

ePharma listens to its clients to meet their demands and, thus, respond. We treat what we hear as opportunities, challenges and insights to increase our capacity to respond.


To provide good care today requires constant innovation. We strive to innovate by looking ahead so that we can anticipate trends and, thus, make a real difference for our clients.


We train our employees to identify client needs and understand the reasons for these needs in order to address them in an effective and efficient way.

Business Culture Awareness

We seek to connect employee goals to client results.


In every action, in every service, we are aware that service can contribute to promoting corporate client brands and improving the lives of millions of people.

This customer-centric culture was created on the basis of 3 business units:

ePharma PBM. Complete care is only possible with the right medicine.

“ePharma PBM works so that millions of Brazilians can have access to medicine.”

Marcos Brêda

PBM and Pro-Health Director

In 2.018, PBM plans made it possible for thousands of people to save

R$ 0

in the purchase of prescribed medicines.

companies/clients assisted

won over in 2.018

Attention to health is not restricted to outpatient and hospital-based services. We work to increase the power of companies and health operators to promote and treat their beneficiaries.

To do this, we rely on multidisciplinary teams made up of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, physical educators, social workers, and physical therapists, among other health professionals, working in a coordinated way in order to provide access to quality healthcare.

Drug coverage helps promote treatment adherence, preventing waste, for example, due to emergency room visits resulting from not properly following prescribed treatment or lack of access to medicines.

By providing care in a complete and coordinated way, we reduce client risk and slow the increase in healthcare costs, benefiting indicators that reflect productivity improvement and reduced absenteeism and presenteeism.

With full attention, we work for the sustainability of the health system in the country and we improve Brazilian quality of life.

Learn about our plans

Postpaid Plans


The partnership with pharmaceutical companies, distributors and pharmacy networks makes it possible to offer employees drugs at special prices. In this fashion, the employer subsidizes a portion of the cost and the beneficiary can purchase the drug without having to pay immediately, since the cost will be deducted from his/her paycheck.


In this case, the company does not participate in the payment. The beneficiary has the right to a 10%-to-60% discount on a broad range of drugs available through the associated network.

Prepaid Plans

ePharma Plenus is the most complete prepaid drug benefit plan on the market, establishing monthly fixed amounts for the coverage of drugs prescribed for employees and their dependents, covering 98% of pathologies treatable in clinics. It also enables the company to have a budget forecast and even reduce overall healthcare costs.

Specially designed to assist middle-market companies, with 50 to 1,000 employees. With this solution, the SMC segment can provide employees with pharmacy benefits in an easier way and with the same ePharma Plenus advantages.

App Mobile

ePharma plan beneficiaries are given an app, which expedites the search for drugs and pharmacies in the nearby area, in addition to allowing storage of the historical background of their medical prescriptions.

ProHealth. Empowerment and quality information for improving the lives of beneficiaries.

Every month we listen to and advise over 65,000 people with regard to their treatments.


Health Concierge

Types of assistance


checkups conducted

Learn about our portfolio

Services and products created to spread best health practices, encouraging awareness and engagement with regard to self-care and risk prevention.

Health & Well-Being Concierge

Receptive Service Center answers beneficiary questions and offers guidance related to drug interaction, nutritional habits and physical activities, as well as medical and other counseling.

Health Risk Management (GRS)

By means of an Electronic Clinical Protocol Manager, information is provided on the risks of the analyzed population, thus improving management of beneficiaries with eligible chronic diseases and health conditions.


Health prevention solution whose purpose is to detect risks or diseases of the main company executives and managers while still in the asymptomatic phase. After having a checkup, the ePharma multidisciplinary team monitors the beneficiary for 12 months.

Clinical Dashboard

Business intelligence platform reviews health data on the population of beneficiaries. Based on this stratification, it generates reports with graphics, tables and clinical analyses, which allow identification of the most appropriate actions for patients in accordance with profile, risk and seriousness.

Specialty Care. Medications treat. ePharma cares for.

“Differentiated care according to pathology. What never changes is our attention to and care for patients.”

Carlos Pappini Jr

Specialty Care Director

active programs

(Primary and
Specialty Care)


requests granted for dispensation of high-complexity drugs


procedures carried out in


accredited diagnostic medical centers and laboratories

pharmaceutical industry and health operator patients monitored

authorized oral oncology drugs


imported and dispensed drugs


referrals for high-cost drugs from the Public Health System (SUS)

Through this department, we strengthen our role as a service hub for the healthcare market, both for the pharmaceutical industry and health plan operators. Our deep knowledge of access and adherence, as well as our business experience, allow us to innovate and integrate different essential services and program levels for every stage of the patient’s journey, from prediagnosis to drug dispensation, both in the treatment of high-complexity pathologies and of rare diseases.

Learn about our main customized programs

For the pharmaceutical industry

PSP Primary Care

Relationship programs with patients who need continuous-use drugs for chronic diseases. They provide access to discounts in the partner pharmacy network, guidance and drug use monitoring.

PSP – High Complexity

Focused on high-complexity drugs and rare diseases, PSP High Complexity develops support strategies for patients in order to increase their level of access and adherence to treatments.

Diagnosis Support Program

We support access to diagnosis, based on our accredited network of clinical image and analysis laboratories for various exams and procedures, homecare companies and accredited nurses for home collection and exams, with specialized logistics in biological sample transportation.

Specialized Communications Agency

Department for establishing PSP program communication strategies that encourage and guide patient involvement in their treatment.

OTC, Personal Care and Out-of-Pocket Programs

This unit also develops discount and loyalty programs for other products and consumer goods sold in pharmacies, such as the dental line and out-of-pocket consumer articles (nutritional food, food supplements and skin-care products).

For health plan operators

Drug Import Requirements

We take care of the entire importing process with security, guarantee of origin and compliance with deadlines related to lawsuits and regulatory rules, providing management and budget forecasts individualized by patient.

Preliminary Investigation Notification (NIP)

Deadline controls, indicators and SLAs in all claims, in accordance with ANS rules.

ANS Roll Management

Relying on a network of logistic partners and approved suppliers, we take care of the entire management and operation of drugs related to ANS binding coverages, from authorization to dispensation, in full conformity with regulatory agency deadlines and standards, searching for the best conditions for negotiation and form composition. We also enable dispensation of adjuvants and required medications for control of the adverse effects of antineoplastic treatments.