“In 2.018, we celebrated increased profitability, higher growth and consolidation of leadership as Brazil’s largest PBM.”

Marcos Inocencio

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

We consolidated the reinvention of our business with structural reorganization, integrating pharmaceutical assistance to the health of the population. The results can be measured in numbers and benefits to millions of people.

Financial Highlights

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Net income
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Results of transactions

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More important than our results is what they mean to Brazilians in terms of life quality.

The pharmaceutical industry has seen leaps in technological advances for disease control, including rare pathologies of high complexity, seeking to improve the quality of life of patients. Two barriers, however, reduce the potential impact of these discoveries: Access to medicines and patient adherence to treatment.

In addition to the initial price of drugs, which is high for most patients in Brazil, treatment adherence and continuity are also hampered by other factors, which vary according to the specific care required for each pathology.

For these reasons, our main challenge here at ePharma is to contribute to overcoming these barriers, proposing products and services, while at the same time offering solutions to our clients and means of access, humanization and assertiveness when it comes to treatment of beneficiaries. This means promoting personalized medicine for more and more people.

Covered lives


Contact Center Service

Primary Care

Clarification and monitoring of beneficiaries who need continuous-use medications for chronic diseases.

17 positions
5 days per week


people assisted per year

Technical Support

Helpdesk for pharmacies and beneficiaries.

9 positions
7 days per week


people assisted per year

Clinical Support

Beneficiary guidance from health professionals: nursing, psychology, nutrition, medicine and well-being.


people assisted per year

PSP – Patient Support Programs

For assisting customized pharmaceutical industry relationship programs: clarification and monitoring.

29 positions
5 days per week


patients assisted per year

(infusions, applications in health clinics and vaccines)


patients monitored per month