For us to achieve our purpose of providing more health and better lives to more and more people, we rely on four forces acting in a synergic way:

ePharma forces

Information Technology

Flexible, available and secure

Retail Pharmacy Network

National Scope

Partnership with the Pharmaceutical Industry

An ally in providing advantages for clients

Organizational Culture

Multidisciplinary and humane

IT – information bringing and providing healthcare

“Access to information also means access to healthcare.”

Thiago Mônaco

CTO – Chief Technology Officer


Authorizations in 2.018

At peak times, we process 25 transactions per second.

ePharma believes that health should be treated like a true network, in which all connected participants influence and are influenced in the results. With this integrating vision, our systems have a vital role, connecting the main health players to those who really matter: millions of people. For this, we have developed flexible technologies that adapt to the countless needs of all these publics, with a large range of functionalities, which must always be available – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, processing millions of pieces of information in a secure and reliable way.

 “Providing access to healthcare” is a task closely linked to another challenge: Fast, precise and secure access to quality information. For this, in recent years, the ePharma’s IT department has been one of the main drivers of our customer-centric culture.
We have implemented the most advanced methodologies in the industry, based on the following concepts:




To meet client demands in a dynamic and continuous manner, making the ENTIRE TEAM and EACH OF THEM responsible for the quality of delivery, at EVERY STAGE, simplifying our processes and integrating departments, to reduce client response time.

To make it possible to increase the number of transactions and monitoring of treatments, patients and benefits, all knowledge generated is stored in the cloud, with the support of high performance Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure solutions.

Retail Pharmacy Network – partnership and integration

“Thanks to a powerful partnership with pharmacies, the ePharma system is present in 3,000 cities throughout the Country.”

Bruna De Vivo

Senior Pharmacy Business Development Manager

The Retail Pharmacy Network, more than just a great ally, is one of the main assets of ePharma, due to the connections it establishes. It is a powerful tool for delivering medicine, with 27.649 pharmacies and 155 delivery units, which provide our services to 3,000 cities in the country, as a direct partner in all PBM unit programs, as well as in programs of the Specialty Care unit focused on the pharmaceutical industry.

Service in our Retail Networks

Equal to 6% of the Brazilian population

Average Ticket

R$ 0 .20

Some of our Retail Pharmacy Network partners

ePharma also has the essential support of a qualified clinical service network: Image and clinical analysis laboratories, infusion and vaccination clinics for various exams and procedures; home care companies and accredited nurses to make home collection and exams possible.

Some of our Clinical Service Network partners

ePharma contributes to providing better healthcare to close to 8 million Brazilians by means of a partnership with the Aqui Tem Farmácia Popular (Popular Pharmacy Program). The initiative launched by the federal government in 2.006, extends Farmácia Popular (Popular Pharmacy) services to private network establishments, with discounts starting at 90% authorized by our system. In 2.018, more than 17 million units were dispensed, substantially increasing public access to medicines.

Industry – we are purchasers,
business developers and allies

The purchase of medicine for all our business units is centralized in order to obtain the best deals, also increasing attractiveness to the pharmaceutical industry. We are simultaneously purchasers, business developers and, above all, allies in expanding access to healthcare, increasing treatment adherence and continuity, by means of our pharmaceutical benefit programs and patient support programs.

ePharma Formulary

This relationship also has another major function: To establish the relation of medicines covered by the benefit, by means of the so-called ePharma Formulary. The main purpose of this document is to encourage safe and effective use of these medicines.




Drug Presentations


Active Ingredients


Therapeutic Classes



Corporate Governance:
Business and People

The basic principles that have guided the company over these 19 years remain unchanged. ePharma was always based on ethical and legal values. We respect the principle of equal treatment of shareholders and we ensure transparency and accuracy in our financial statements, which are audited each year.

We have created a Corporate Governance department to ensure our principles are followed in all company actions. Our objective is to ensure that all processes, conduct, customs and practices are in keeping with the guidelines of our corporate purpose and responsibility.

Safeguarding Information

We have built a data protection environment, according to the fundamental principles of safeguarding information:

– Legality, loyalty and transparency
– Limitation of purpose and ends
– Data minimization
– Accuracy, exactness
– Limitation of storage
– Integrity and confidentiality

In 2.018, we began the ISO/IEC 27001 certification process based on information security standards. In this sense, among other essential steps, we are working to meet 100% of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

In 2.018, we achieved SOC 2 – TSP Section 100 certification, which demonstrated the high level of our services in the 5 reliability measures: Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy. More than just recognition of all our effort to offer secure and efficient services, this is proof that we have fulfilled our commitment to expanding access to medicine and treatment adherence with innovation, technology and responsibility.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for long-term strategy and formulation of company business policy. Among its statutory attributes is designation of executive staff and monitoring of their management. On December 31, 2.018, the board was made up of five members representing shareholders.

Executive Board

ePharma directors are chosen by the board and are responsible for managing the business and implementing general company policies and guidelines. They work in an integrated manner for our main purpose: To provide healthcare access for better lives.

Luiz Carlos Silveira Monteiro

CEO - Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ePharma, created in 1999, a physician and health manager, he was president of the Pediatrics Surgery Association of São Paulo and director of the Brazilian Medical Association. Administrative Advisor of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC) and Founder and Advisor of the Population Health Alliance (ASAP).

Marcos Inocencio

CFO - Chief Financial Officer, he worked as planning manager for Carrefour as well as for Monsanto, Chase and Andersen. Holding a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) and an Accounting degree from Paulista University (UNIP-SP), he also has an MBA from São Paulo Business School (IBMEC-SP) and specialized studies at INSEAD, NYU’s Stern School of Business, the Kellog School of Management and the Harvard Business School.

Marcos Brêda

Director of the PBM and ProHealth units, he held the position of Business Manager at Searle do Brasil for fifteen years and Director and Business Manager at Coloplast do Brasil for seven years. With a degree in Business Administration from the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences (FFCL-RJ), he also has a graduate degree in Health Services Management from the National Service for Commercial Apprenticeship (SENAC-SP) and has an MBA from the School of Higher Education in Advertising and Marketing (ESPM-SP).

Bruna De Vivo

Senior Pharmacy Business Development Manager at ePharma since 2.002, with experience in the PBM market since 1.999. Member of the Health Commission of the São Paulo Pharmacy Council from 2.009 to 2.010, she graduated from the Catholic University of Santos School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry (UNISANTOS) and has an MBA from the Dom Cabral Foundation, in addition to specialized studies in Health at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP).

Carlos Pappini Jr.

Director of the Specialty Care unit, he has more than 20 years of experience in the health sector, having worked for health operators (Amil) and in the pharmaceutical industry (Merck Sharp & Dohme, Baxter, Cristália and Bayer). An administrator with graduate studies in Marketing, an MBA in Health Economics from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP).

Thiago Mônaco

CTO - Chief Technology Officer, he worked as IT Director in an Electronic Medical Records company, focusing on Big Data, as well as in the consulting area of Microsoft Brasil. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and completed graduate studies in Project and Portfolio Management. He also received the Microsoft Most Valuable Profession (MVP) award seven times.

Shareholder Breakdown

Shareholder Breakdown

Regulations and Controls

A number of codes and policies support the ePharma commitment to the ethics and transparency of its activities.

Supplier Code of Conduct

This presents guidelines in relation to the company and its suppliers, detailing the standards that must be complied with in all contracts, as well as commercial and institutional partnerships. ePharma believes that its reputation results from a collective process that must involve the entire value chain directly or indirectly related to its activities.

Employee Code of Conduct

This document contains the main ethical standards and extensive rules of conduct for all employees, whether those working exclusively for the company or those working for clients, as well as associates, partners, suppliers, service providers and consultants.

Intermediary Hiring Policy

This establishes rules that define the process for hiring intermediary third parties responsible for conducting business on behalf of ePharma. The objective is to eliminate risks resulting from violation of anticorruption laws in Brazil and abroad, capable of compromising the assets and image of the company.

Antitrust Policy

This requires internal and external employees to comply with Law No. 12259/2011, which governs operation of the Brazilian Competition Defense System (CADE). The objective is to avoid inappropriate acts and practices in the relationship with competing companies and the professionals who work for them.

Anticorruption Policy

Since 2.013, ePharma has had a specific document to fight the practices of corruption and money laundering. In addition to the compliance tools already established, measures include creation of an Employee Council and a training program for all parties involved.

Policy for receipt and offers of gifts, presents, entertainment and hospitality

This establishes principles and guidelines that govern the offer and acceptance of gifts, presents, invitations to entertainment and hospitality activities, including participation in events. It works as a guide to preserve company and employee integrity.

Ethics Committee

This consists of a collegiate body, made up of two directors, two managers and one operational staff employee, for the purpose of dealing with issues related to the code. It also acts as a channel to receive complaints and denunciations. All information is treated confidentially and there is a specific commitment to the integrity of the initiator of the communication. Denunciations, identified or anonymous, have two ways to reach the Ethics Committee: Through the internet or by exclusive email address.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Since 2.015, ePharma has contributed financially to the Expedicionários da Saúde (EDS – Health Expeditionaries) non-governmental organization that offers access to healthcare for the Brazilian indigenous population. In 2.018, two missions benefited communities in the states of Amazônia and Maranhão. The project’s 40th expedition, in the first half of the year, involved indigenous people of the middle Purus River and Humaitá, in the Crispim community of the municipality of Lábrea, in the state of Amazônia. Our pharmacist Giuliana Taquemoto was there. In September, the 41th expedition went to the São José village of the Krikati people, in the Montes Altos municipality in the state of Maranhão. Our pharmacists Suelen Carlos da Sliva and Gizelle Ferreira participated in the expedition.

Pink October

Caring for health and those who provide care: This was the idea that drove one of our main internal actions – Pink October. In addition to promoting awareness of the importance of prevention, we promoted employee engagement in donation of food to the Amor de Barretos Hospital. In one month, ePharma collected 420 kg of food for the institution.


The ePharma Ecoa program was created for the purpose of establishing an environmental management system involving all employees. The goal is to seek market recognition as an environmentally-responsible company certified by ISO 14001.

For this, ePharma committed to meeting a number of objectives to help the environment:

Reduce sulphite paper consumption by 20%

Reduce paper towel consumption by 80%

Avoid waste of water in all environments

Reduce electricity consumption by 10%

Reduce plastic cup consumption by 20%

100% recycling of trash

Organizational Culture – we are people caring for people

Our multidisciplinary staff is one of the pillars of our business. We are people caring for people. Consequently, focusing on our employees is more than just essential: It is strategic for our growth.

Our HR policy is based on high impact values and performance, with guidelines to change people and the company, with continuing education. We integrate talent to train them for leadership and autonomy, while simultaneously encouraging co-participative work, looking toward the future of the company and organizations in general.







Guidelines for Management of People

A specialized team brings together professionals from the technology, management and health sectors, including physicians, nurses, nutritionists and pharmacists, all for a single purpose, regardless of their function within the company: Provide more health and well-being to more and more people.

Business innovation

In the search for innovation of our model and services, in 2.018, we began to support startups in eCommerce, Electronic Prescription and Patient Relations programs.